Dancers Manners


10 ways a Dancer shows respect: 

bob shows attitude

1. arriving 5 minutes early

2. being properly dressed in uniform

3. waiting until the music / exercise is finished before entering or leaving the classroom

4. not chatting during class

5. waiting quietly for your  turn  

6. listening when the teacher speaks

7. keeping hands to themselves 

8. never hanging or leaning on the barres

9. no gum, food, or drinks(water only) in the dance studio

10. Dance is an art form respect it


10 ways Parents show respect for the dance class:

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1. knock before entering the classroom when class is in progress

2. removing outdoor shoes before entering any studio space

3. attend your dancer's performances

4. making sure your dancer has used the restroom before class time

5. having your dancer ready for class on time, uniform on, hair up

6. picking your dancer up promptly at the end of dance time

7. encouraging,  not criticize your dancer or any other dancer

8. clearly mark your dancer’s clothing with full name (shoes should be marked on the inside)

9. teach your children to wait inside the building before pick up

10. discuss any issues with Director or teachers via e-mail or phone, not during between  class times