Student Assistant program

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Learn to inspire

  Assistants volunteer  with a lower level class under the guidance of an experienced teacher. Many use these hours towards their volunteer time on university entrance forms! 

Dancers must be at the Intermediate Foundation level to participate. Limited spots are available

Conditions of participation:

1. Be 12 years old & at an Intermediate Foundation level (ballet).

2. Assistants  will remain with one class throughout the year.  

3. An assistant skirt (provided) must be worn during all assisting times. Hair must be worn in a bun for assisting ballet classes and a ponytail for all other styles.

4. Arrive 10 minutes before their class

5. Maintain a positive attitude 

6. Know the childrens' names

7. Little eyes are always watching... be a good role model at all times.

8. Help calm any students who are nervous. 

9.  Make sure students remain quiet, lined up & ready for their turn.

10. Be responsible for taking children to & from the washroom.