Ballet Uniform


CREATIVE MOVEMENT 3yrs,     PRE-BALLET 4yrs,       PRE-PRIMARY 5yrs,      PRIMARY 6yrs 


Body Suit: "Pale blue"  Tank top style

Tights: Pink

Slippers: Pink Leather

Hair: Neat & tidy  ponytail, excellent if you can manage a bun! 


Grade 4 & 5

 Grades 1-5: Tank style Black

Tights:   pink convertible 

Slippers: pink leather ballet slippers. 

Hair: Neat & tidy in a bun

Interfoundation-Adv jpg

Intermediate foundation - Advanced 2 

Bodysuit: Royal Blue tank top  & black in same style for jazz and Modern.

Tights: Pink Convertable 

Slippers:   Leather or Canvas ballet Slipper 

Pointe Shoes: Discuss pointe shoes with the Director at time of registration. 

Hair: Neat & tidy in a bun


All dance uniforms may be purchased at the following stores

DCP 3856

Coastal’s Closet  Front Foyer of the studio Saturdays 9am-1pm  ( Sept - May)


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