Jazz, Modern & Hip Hop Uniforms

Modern &  Jazz


Grade 1-5 Bodysuit: wear your ballet uniform colour for that level 

Intermediate foundation + must own  Black tank top ( 3505 Mondor) but may wear colours and non uniform body suits to regular classes 

Tights:  black footless tights  or Jazz Shorts for jazz classes

Jazz footwear:  Black Jazz Shoes ( a must as of Jazz 2)

Modern footwear: Barre feet and socks for modern

Hair: Pony Tail


Hip Hop 


Pants: black or grey baggy jogging pants

Top:  loose  t-shirt of any colour, 

Shoes:  Clean white soled sneakers. 

best prices for these items are found at Walmart !

Hair: Pony Tail


Dance uniforms may be purchased at the following stores

Coastal’s Closet