Summer Intensive 2018

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 A few words form our Summer Intensive girls !

… what a fantastic week

... My daughter had a wonderful week, thank you for everything!  What a great picture of the group.  I was amazed at what can be done in such a short time with the groups of different ages and abilities, and their dances, it was really great.  Its also hard to believe that its 3 years ago that we decided  to go to your summer intensive for the week instead of YMCA Big Cove, well there certainly has been no second thoughts on that decision!

...She is dancing the choreo she learned last week around the house asking for more more more!

Thank you for the wonderful week she had last week!  She loved it so much!

….Thank you for a wonderful week. She  came home exhausted and happy every day. 

...Thank you so much !!!   Ashlin loved every minute ...   what a great week she had !!! 

...Thanks for an amazing week! She absolutely loved it and learned so much!! Such a wonderful summer camp :) 

...I was so impressed with your show tonight.  I still don't know how you can put together all that in five days.  You really do have some lovely dancers!  What a joy it is for me to return and see everything ticking along so beautifully.  

...thank you once again for all your hard work at the dance camp - she was exhausted every evening ... however she was up every morning at 5:30-6 stretching and getting ready for the day ... she loved it 

Thank you so much for an amazing week! She loved every minute! The performance was incredible! It’s hard to imagine that in basically four days just how much the girls learn and remember. Just blows my mind!!!!Looking forward to September! Enjoy the rest of your summer!