COVID - 19

 Covid-19 updates posted here

UPDATED January 2022 

In the case of a full shut down there will be no refunds for classes. Classes will resume on Zoom. 

The health & safety of our Coastal Dance family is our main concern.  The number of people in our space is strictly limited.Dancers & Staff ONLY may enter the building, except one adult accompanying a child 5 & under. 

Dancers 2-6 yrs-Parent & Tot, Creative Movement, Pre Ballet, Pre Primary , Primary  will be permitted 1 guardian to stay if necessary. If you feel your dancer will be ok with us aiding and assisting washroom protocols please feel free to leave. Stay within a 10-minute range in case of emergency.

The dressing room will be closed for the time being.

 If you have been in close contact or are unwell, have the sniffles, cough, fever, headache Stay home Call 811 for Covid-19 concerns.

The entrance and exit procedure of our building is very important for the health and safety of all our dancers and their families. We request that the policies be strictly followed. All persons will enter the building through the main door and exit through the new exit door mid way down the hallway.


  • Please remain in your car until time for class. No early drop offs or late pickups.
  • All dancers are asked to be dropped off no earlier than 5 minutes before and be picked up on time after their classes. We are not permitted to have people waiting in the hallways for extended periods of time.
  • Observe 2 metre distancing outside the door when waiting for class.
  • Enter through main door, exit through long hallway door midway down the hall
  • Students will be met at the front door and offered hand sanitizer & directed to their Studio. Parents of 6 years & under arrive 5 minutes before your class to help your dancer prepare and 5 minutes before the end of class to help your dancer prepare to leave. Observe social distancing in hallways as much as possible (masks mandatory). Do not stay if not necessary.
  • Come dressed ready for dance with your mask on. Place outdoor clothing on a chair in the hallway
  • Wear your mask( All School aged dancers may be asked to wear their masks depending on the Provincial case situation).
  • Once in the studio, place your dance bag (containing all necessary dance shoes/skirts/shorts if needed and a full water bottle.) by the mirror and stay in your designated dance space.
  • Studios are marked for social distancing. Across the floor work will observe the 2 metre rule.
  • Bring your own filled & labeled water bottle. All snacks must be eaten in the studio and all waste must be placed back in their snack bag.
  • Use hand sanitizer upon entering& exiting the studio.
  • Limited number permitted in the washrooms at one time. Wash hands with soap & water after use.
  • After each class studio space will be wiped down.
  • Lost& found will be discarded regularly. Please label everything.


  • Hands on instruction will be limited. During physical corrections teachers must wear a mask & sanitize hands before & after correction.
  • Teachers and Assistants must wear a mask .   They may help the dancers to the washrooms but MUST sanitize as they re enter the studio.
  • Between classes teachers will sanitize barres, stereos, door handles etc.
  • Careful attendance records must be taken for contact tracing. If a student leaves feeling ill, their temperature must be recorded the attendance book, and the Director must be alerted immediately.
  • Hand Sanitizer must be used on entering or exiting the studio spaces. After each class the studio will be wiped down.